Sunday, November 26, 2006

Does anybody recognize this?

No, don't cheat and jump down to the body.

I'll give you some stats on it.

When issued its battle sites were set at about 546 yards.

It was reissued during WWII.

It is a .30 cal weapon, with a revised ammo designation that was changed when the ammunition was made a little hotter- back in 1906.

Is that better?

Overall length is 43.20 inches, unloaded weight was 8 lbs-11 oz. The barrel is 24 inches and has a 4-groove 2 groove, left-hand twist barrel. The magazine holds 5 rounds.

According to this site, it was made in 1942.
(link is fixed)

But, according to the barrel it was made in July of 1944.

OK, it's a 1903 A3 Springfield in what appears to be - really good condition.
After looking, I think the stock is a replacement, because it doesn't have any factory markings on it.

This is the one that I can used to drop shots into the black all day long at 200Yds+. I haven't got it to the range yet, because my shoulder is still not right, and I'd like to be able to use the fingers on my right hand for a while yet.

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