Saturday, November 11, 2006

Stripping, it's all about the dignity

See it's all about being "forced" to make $100-$300 per hour for letting drunks leer and try to get to any base with you.
Alot of this article is SNSFW because of language that progressives think would be enlightening for your kids to hear in the safe-sex classes.

1. How does intimate sexual touching for payment not equal prostitution unless you're going by a very narrow, fundamentalist penis-in-vagina definition of sex?

2. Why can't you just be happy looking at us beautiful ladies without making us have to touch your old, skanky, often-smelly manselves to pay our rent?

Well SweetCheeks, YOUR president told us it wasn't sex unless it WAS 'sex".

I think you go for the same reason other men go, because we're a captive audience FORCED to smile and nod and defer to your nasty wants because you're paying us to submit to your idea of what what interactions with sexy women should be. Like you say, men talk "to" strippers, but they don't talk "with" them. Our responses to men's banal banter are stock answers pulled from the strippers' survival guide.

You make us get naked as animals, a vulnerable feeling when surrounded by fully-clothed drunk/drugged men, then make us paint our faces and dance like monkeys for your money not because you respect us and admire looking at and talking with sexy women but because the real sexy women Seattle drips with aren't obligated to pay you any attention, smile at your stupid jokes, or pretend you don't make us want to vomit while bumping our
...AHEM-this is a family publication here.

And the reason they're captive isn't because of the Conservative slave traders who stole their humanity, a little might have to do with:
Who's gonna pay me $100-$300 an hour to wash their laundry, work at Carl's Jr., cashier for a convenience store, sell coffee, babysit kids, or anything else that doesn't involve sticking my Xxxxx or Xxxxx-xxxx xxxxx xxxxx in men's faces? Men have a real racket going on. Those of us "lucky" enough to be *naughty language* hot can submit ourselves sexually to men for sacks of cash no ugly or fat women will be offered for working at Wal-Mart or anywhere else.

I think she would have a problem anywhere she worked, except that instead of being an abusive unattractive salesclerck at minimum wage, she's a manhating sripper, who's there for the money. I though Libs were all for the "dignity" of being human- or something like that?
Oh, wait Most slave-owners were Democrats, weren't they? And I'd bet there weren't a whole lot of Republicans in the Klan

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