Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'd like to expand on yesterdays driver video

At least those guys had a clue.

Now let me refresh your drivers-ed concepts.

The on ramp (also called the acceleration lane) is to help you get up to speed to merge smoothly with traffic going 70MPH. You don't meander up it at F*ING 30 miles per hour! YOU have the Yield when merging onto the Highway- the big semi truck #1-does not have to let you on and #2- probably can't move over because I have some moron still sitting at my rear wheels from two miles back.

A yield sign is NOT a stop sign.

A stop sign will NEVER turn green- so you may as well stop waiting for it to happen.

If you are on a cell phone and are 5' away from the white bar when the light changes to YELLOW- it's ok to go through. It is NOT cool to slam on your brakes with a (luckily unloaded) semi truck right behind you.

The zipper(dotted white line) is a sight guide, it is NOT where your left tire should be.

Sit up, you look like a drunk dork sighting down your hood centerline- when there are two of you doing that, it looks like you're going to do a guy kiss. Yep really cool.

OHHHH,,,,and speaking of cars and trucks- anyone notice which way the gas prices are going since the Dems got elected to the majoritys?

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