Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Well, Texas decided to "revamp" its tax system
But you have to remember the ones that are "revamping" are pols.
So, they raised the Sales Tax by 1%, and one day will "do something " about lowering the property tax to compensate. Yeh, next time I'll see any property taxes being lowered is when I hit 65.

They're also going to do something with the school funding, too. Probably going to see how much MORE money they can throw at it.
That reminds me- as you know, we're moving soon and need to get the girls registered in Medina Valley ISD. Problem is that it's spring break there- and the School OFFICES are closed, too.

Remember to ask next time someone mentiones teachers saleries, that they're off work as much as your kids are out of school. If they're making that much for effectively 6 months work, that ought to average out to twice as much if they WORKED full time.

I was going to say something about the DC schools cost per student VS the abyssimal results- as in money doesn't equal quality, but I've had a long day.

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