Sunday, March 13, 2005

Our move continues apace

Got the call from the underwriter yesterday. As soon as we sign the appraisal, and get a termite inspection we're pretty much set. We should be able to close next Monday.
I'm starting to clean out the workshed. We had a pretty good bonfire last nite and watched the planes between the two major airports (Austin and San Antonio). I don't know if we'll be able to have open fires at the new place. We're not supposed to shoot, either if we have less than 10 acres, but the RR has made a real nice backstop for the .22shorts that no-one can hear. . .

There is also a public range in La Coste, so we can shoot real rifles, too. It's right in front of our City Gate, just hope they have some protection for the piping.

La Cose has a VFW and Castroville has the American Legion, so I'm set there.
The only problem is the grorceries, we're a good 30 mi. from San Antonio, and "big" H.E.B., so we'll have to stock-up on the weekends. Castroville has a super S, and Hondo has an older H.E.B.

Not much else happening here at Rancho Trainwreck; the back neighbor let a small heard of cattle out in his back 10 acres and the dogs haven't noticed them yet, but we'll know as soon as they do.

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