Friday, March 18, 2005

Boy am I glad it's Friday

Bad news on the closing front, the seller can't find what she wants, and is getting cold feet. The closing date has moved back to Mar 31 and the realtor is handling her with kid gloves, just to keep the sale going.
It's a 115 mi. one way trip from here to work, I drop wife off on the way and pick her up when I come home. It's saving some gas that way, but the Mitsu uses almost as much gas as my Ram pick-up. It just doesn't have as big a fuel tank, so we have to fill up every day.

Sorry, but I'm tired, and the wife is watching her bad sci-fi on the sci-fi channel at too high a volume. I'm having trouble putting thoughts tohgether now, so another post tommorrow when I can remember what I was going to post.

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