Thursday, March 17, 2005

Another day closer to the move

I worked harder today than I have in the last 6 months- which means I actually broke a sweat. We're relocating a 2" PE service at the school. The school where the ONLY people working don't have any connection with the school.

The Administrators and teachers are off with the kids. Along with every other vacation the kids have off school. And they want you to pay them for NOT working when your kids aren't in school. The ones who maybe work 7 months out of the year and make as much as I do all year, and the TEA wants even more money for not working.

OOPs got on a bit of a rant, there. Anyway the girls will probably be starting their new school in about a week, and they cant get registered because the Admin doesn't even bother with an ANSWERING MACHINE, just- you know in case something, , , happens.
Gawd, I wish I was smart enough back when I was young to get a job in education, hell, I'd be getting money for nothing, hell, I might even use an answering machine.

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