Thursday, March 03, 2005

I'm listening to Fox news, and thinking about 2 Supreme Court rulings

First is the ban on minors on Death Row.

Ok this guy kills someone when he's 16 or 17 (tourtures them to death, burns them to death, throws them off an overpass, whatever). The new law seems to say he wasn't able to realize the conequences- didn't know it was wrong.
OK, in that vein we should ban minors from driving, holding part time jobs, anything that holds the SLIGHTEST hint of responibility.
Sorry emancipated minors, can't enter into any housing contracts, or join the military.
Update- I just looked at Drudge when I read this, ironic, isn't it?

Then the 10 Commandments-again

Can someone SHOW me where in the Constitution it SAYS the 'Seperation of Church and state'?
There is a link on my sidebar directly to the ACTUAL Constitution, all I can find is that "Congress shall make no laws establishing"a State religion or forcing you to join. The ACLU should be willing to step up- They've been using the Federalist papers instead of the Constitution to show what was "Supposed" to be in there.

If a religious group has a problem with just the Christian version, we'll be glad to let you add your version. You do have something like that, right? The Jews follow the Old Testement, so they remember Moses comming down from the mountain, too.
Moslems? The 'Religion of Peace' HAS to have something like that. I'm sure they'd love to have their core beliefes out in the open for all to see.

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