Monday, March 07, 2005

Ok, it's a nautical Monday

Thanks to Drudge, we have a stranding of a Dolphin Pod because (maybe) a US Sub was holding exercises 45 MILES away.

I'm glad those concerned 'scientists' are so knowlegable about marine mamals:
Some scientists surmise that loud bursts of sonar, which can be heard for miles in the water, may disorient or scare marine mammals, causing them to surface too quickly and suffer the equivalent of what divers know as the bends — when sudden decompression forms nitrogen bubbles in tissue.

Obviously, dolphins stop in stages to prevent "the BENDS" just like human divers who use COMPRESSED air to breath underwater. Well, if they'r not scared from loud noises from evil US subs that is . . . Unlike you know eco-friendly Russian and Chinese subs.

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