Monday, March 21, 2005

I've got TERRI SCHIAVO on my mind today

Not because I'm on one side or the other of the TERRI SCHIAVO debate. I am usually pretty good about seeing media overhype comming, but I have to admit TERRI SCHIAVO kinda snuck up on me. In retrospect I should have known that the TERRI SCHIAVO bruhaha was a media event, weather TERRI SCHIAVO would have wanted it, or TERRI SCHIAVO wouldn't have wanted it I can't say. There are alot of things that touch a nerve after being over exposed, but I don't think TERRI SCHIAVO would notice a nerve being struck.

If I remember right, TERRI SCHIAVO told her husband that if she, TERRI SCHIAVO was struck down into a vegetative state, then TERRI SCHIAVO didn't want to be around.
Now I'm a little curious, not much- just a vague curiosity about why the TERRI SCHIAVO case? I mean there had to be plenty of other cases to rally around and force a name like, , , TERRI SCHIAVO into everyones pores. Who, besides TERRI SCHIAVO is going to benefit from all this free publicity? Not that TERRI SCHIAVO knows anything anyway. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm getting a bit fed-up with hearing about TERRI SCHIAVO. I'm so fed up that I drove home from Castroville with the radio off so I wasn't forced to hear about TERRI SCHIAVO. I wish they'd just fix it one way or another, so I wouldn't have TERRI SCHIAVO forced down my throat every 5 minutes.
I know that if TERRI SCHIAVO could know what's going on, that even TERRI SCHIAVO would just have to say "SHUT the F*CK UP about me".

I thought the 9-11 hype was bad, but that was almost 3,000 people killed, not just one TERRI SCHIAVO saturating the airwaves of America by dint of nothing but having her -->TERRI SCHIAVO's<-- autonimous nerves being able to breath on their own.

Hell, I'd rather listen to Ron Reagan(jr) talk about dogs he has known.

Lets hope they figgure out something in the TERRI SCHIAVO case, so that TERRI SCHIAVO can have her name used by people who have TERRI SCHIAVOs best intrests at heart- instead of using it for free publicity.

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