Sunday, March 20, 2005

It was a semi-productive Sunday

We finally got rid of the car- the guy partied to hard yesterday, and hadn't even left (woke-up) untill we called him sitting in Seguin. He had a party Fri. nite. He rolled in around 11:30 this morning and drove off with us holding a handfull of hundreds.
I didn't get much done around the house- by the time we got done wasting a 60 mi. drive, I finished putting up the outer window trim. It was getting dark (storm clouds), and I decided to mow the bad part of the lawn- the lazy teen said she'd do it the week she was off school.

She had 8 days to do it.
She didn't get her lazy ass away from the TV unless her mom took her away.
I said some things when I got in- pissed off her mom (again). She says I'm too hard on her.
I "upset" the teen this morning(again), and P.O.'d her mom(again). Got in and unloaded the grorceries on the porch, opened the door- and there she was in all her glory:Slack-jawed in front of the boob-tube. Said she didn't notice me outside-in front of the window unloading the truck onto the porch.

I'm going to be damn glad when she turns 18, and I don't have to waste food, shelter or A/c on her. "Happy 18- bye"!

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