Thursday, March 10, 2005

And in another circus on the Fla coast,
Via Schnitt
Is the Tonya Harding, , , ummmm, , , " sports" event.

She's going to 'box on a wrestling card' against a tranny (kof)

  • (snicker)

    FORT LAUDERDALE -- Sure, I was in a beachside bar Tuesday afternoon, standing with Tonya Harding and a transvestite stage-named Daisy D., asking questions, taking notes and wondering whether I would roast in sports-writing hell for showing up.

    But what of it?

    I've hung out with some low people, frequented some questionable places, involved myself in some tangled conversations and been around some strange, strange sports events. And that was just in covering the 2004 Dolphins.

    So how could I pass up a chance to be around the lowest, most questionable, certifiably strangest event you'll ever -- alas, perhaps never -- see? Tonya vs. the Transvestite. It's a pseudo-boxing match scheduled for Thursday night at Beach Bums on Fort Lauderdale beach.

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    Well, that's why I'm here. But let's move to the main event. Let's talk with Tonya. All of her. And, just for the record, yes, that really is her. I had to ask. There's no sense being mean about it. Let's just say she's really grown as a person.

    "When I was a figure skater I had to have a figure like a pixie," she said. "Now I have the figure of a boxer."

    What is it about Tonya that makes enough people curious, more than a decade after her Olympic embarrassment? Is it our reality-show society? Is it people rubber-necking at a car wreck? Is it the last time everyone saw her was in Norway, in the winter of 1994, when she slid across the ice, feet first, to end one of the highest-rated embarrassments in sports history?

  • They have a pic if you're interested.

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