Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Anyone hear about what's going on in Kuwait?

Last you probably heard was when we first re-invaded Iraq, where most of the "pol responders" backed Sadaam.
Things are changing there, things that should be going on in other places(like here).

These MOSLEMS who intimatly know ISLAM are taking on terrorism head on, and with the goal of WINNING.

Ok, they had a rough start:
IN THE PAST FEW WEEKS, Kuwait has been waging its own war on terror at home. The police have engaged in five fierce and bloody gun battles with extremists since January 10, as reported by the Associated Press. Five policemen have been killed in these encounters, along with four security men and two bystanders; foreign observers described police conduct as "ham-handed." But the police also managed to kill 9 suspected terrorists and arrest more than 40.

But they learned fast:

Jolted by this first serious clash with Islamist terrorists, Kuwaiti authorities acted swiftly to tackle the root of the problem: They are closing down unlicensed mosques and barring Saudi imams, the tireless purveyors of Islamist extremism, from preaching inside the emirate. In addition, the AP confirms that Kuwaiti authorities are blocking Islamic websites that incite violence, seizing radical books from mosques, and purging textbooks of extremism.

Expressing the nub of the new policy, former Kuwaiti oil minister Ali al-Baghli wrote in the Kuwait daily Al Qabas on February 2: "What is needed is to cut off the snake's head, namely the masters of terror and all those who propagate terror in mosques and the media."

More. . .

Which goes to prove that SOME Muslems understand that terrorism is just terrorism.

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