Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Well it looks like the Republicans are FINALLY realizing they're in the majority

I just hope that they remember that they're also supposed to be the ones who are conservative- or as conservative as you can be in DC.

They approved drilling in ANWAR.
Now before everyone gets their undies all wadded up, lets look at this~
  • Anwar is about as big as Texas (not as big, but close).
  • The drilling site would be about as big as, as Maxwell, Tx (about 500 pop.)
  • This isn't Soviet Russia, the drillers don't gratuitusly wash the landscape with oil.
  • 90% of ANWAR is nothing more than a frozen dessert for 9 months out of 12.
  • The enviro-wackos were 180 degrees wrong on the pipeline, they say we'll endanger more threatened species. Hell, if we drill, and the tree huggers tell us that, we should save most of the citters up there with the activity, lights, heat and food.
We got that thru, now we need to get some refineries built.
And lets open the way for nukes, we don'thave enough glowing green possums walking around.

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