Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The move is proceeding apace

Talked to a property management guy yesterday, at a conservative guess we'll look at about $550/mo before their cut (that was before I found out we could leave the Fridge, washer and dryer).

Made an offer in a doublewide on about an acre of land- no down. Might be a slight problem with the FHA loan- I gad a kinda choppy work history what with injuries and the race problem ( I was the wrong color, and didn't habla enough Mexican)that it's going to be tight about the approval. The new job is supposed to FAX a letter of a job offer including my new salary, and that should erase ANY past questions. Problem is, the boss is short handed, and is running late in his corespondance.

The earliest the house will probably close is about a month- I gave my 2 weeks notice Mon. That's going to be an AWFUL long commute from San Marcos to Castroville twice a day for two weeks, on top of trenching gas lines and climbing poles.

SIIIGGGggghhh , , , the life of an evil rich conservative.

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