Sunday, August 03, 2008

Wonderful, just terrific...

There'll be even more limited posting for the unforseen future.
We just got hit with a big Fair Access Policy violation because we not only got close to the top download limit- we shot through so fast that I only got the warning before we were over.

And since the only thing that changed lately is the 17 yr-olds new laptop, she'll be gounded from using it for at least a week- until we gat to 50% of our allowable downloads (1.2G average) and our usual speed (around 11Kps).
I don't know if it was her downloading everything she could click her curser on; she downloaded a virus or VISTA is talking to Bill Gates.

The reason I'm thinking if the last two is because our upload is 45% of our allowable. We've never had it that high even when we got fapped before, and she knows that if she downloaded too much she'd loos her laptop untill we got back to normal.

We are now sitting at 125Kps...not much for $75/mo. is it?

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