Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin in a bikini?

How about this?

Bring it on, I'd defiantly like to see that! She was a runner-up as Miss Alaska and the hottest Veep we've had running...EVAR.

Ace is saying the Left is trying to find intimidating bikini pictures so they can throw them up and ...I guess freak us out of voting for her...or something.
I guess the left has conservatives mixed up with their some of their core groups who would be grossed out by a hot babe. Or the Left thinks conservatives are so uptight that we want to bring back woolen bathing suits foe women.
Sorry guys, that's the RoP who you support in all their women hating glory...because they're, like so not fundamentalist Christians trying to force everyone to go to church.

Sarah Palin in a bikini.
Beauty, brains, boldness and a body!

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