Sunday, August 24, 2008

This being Sunday...

I should be doing things around the house.

In Karens new room, the closet door needs to be reversed because of the "artwork" that won't scrub off. The closet light needs a new pull switch and the entrance door striker needs to elongated to make up for the shifting house.
But, if I can't even stand where I need to, I won't do it.
I also found two coffee cups and a glass of evaporated cool-aide that I'd been blaming Thing-2 for. I guess it's just the ....ambiance of the room that lends it's self to hoarding kitchen utensils.

Thing-2's room needs the door latch roto-grinder treatment, too- but she's not too concerned about the dogs nosing their way in any time they want; so that's on hold.

The photocell in the carport needs changing, but I loaned the big ladder to the neighbors.

The lawn needs mowing, but it's still saturated.

The trucks need an oil change, but the grass is wet.

I have as much of the workshops flooring down as I want to go right now (the crooked pier and beam base and the square joists) because I don't want to drop plywood and have it rained on until I'm ready to get some cover on it.

I need to update my resume again.

I'd go to the range, but don't want to get eaten up by mosquitoes.

I'm just spectacularly unmotivated this week-end.

Joe Biden.
Those Libs love a loser, don't they?
I thought St. Barry was supposed to be the smartest negro in America.
But, then I'm not nuanced enough to understand how adding a 30 year D.C. insider is advancing *change*.

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