Tuesday, August 19, 2008

There's a huge load of 'nuance' that I missed

I see by a Reuters story that the two candidates have different views on patriotism.

ATLANTA (Reuters) - The U.S. presidential election presents a sharp contrast between two types of patriotism: John McCain stands as a war hero. His rival Barack Obama calls Americans back to the can-do spirit of the nation's founders.

Ummm,,,ok. Now here's that nuance that I missed:

Democratic candidate Obama has made patriotism a core theme of his campaign, seeking to inspire voters to overcome divisions of race and party and using his own story as a child of a Kenyan father and Kansas mother as an example of opportunities available only in America.
Except, that being the Democrat Socialist that he is, he uses his victimhood minority status as a club.

But, like I've admitted before- nuance isn't my strong point.
The way I see it is that though misguided- McCain actually seems to WANT to put America first; while The Great [redacted] Hope wants to BLAME America first. But don't question his patriotism.

OH.....and in the vein of America being the sole source of evil in the world. How are Barry's plans for the invasion of Pakistan coming along? Looks like a good time to dust them off with the power vacuum and all.

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