Saturday, August 02, 2008

So, sitemeter is giving fits?

I should say those of you who haven't updated to Fire Fox and are having problems with Sitemeter because your Internet Explorer7.

My laptop has F/F 1.5.?? and never freezes or crashes, the main computer has F/F 2.5.??
and doesn't have problems. I didn't like F/F 3.0 because it's too much like IE7.

In addition to all the quaint 'quirks' of Explorer y'all are having, I'd like to point out that I get more spyware from Thing 2 going to her 'social networking sites' when she insists on opening Explorer- than I do on F/F looking at p0rn trying to remember what a female looks like.

But I'm not talking to anyone who's actuallyUSING Explorer, because YOU CAN'T READ THIS right now.
Can you?

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