Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tracing links

I got a hit on my sitemeter and was kinda just link surfing when the obvious hit me.
Aside from the obvious Liberal blogs (Koz, MyDD, NYT), alot of the leftie blogs try to sound middle-of-the-road or even centrist until you look at their post titles and a sample of their posts.

Not even bothering with the left/right fallout regarding our next VP, I'm just wondering about those blogs.
I used to link to the Moderate Voice, and several other leftie-central blogs until they just fell over the cliff and I couldn't stand the Bush derangement syndrome any more.
What I'm wondering is- do those blogs really think they're *not* preaching the daily memo, or are they just trying to reel unsuspecting readers in?

I'm a conservative, have been since I saw how much the .gov took out of my first real check.
I don't pretend this blog is anything but what it is--some thing I vent on and hopefully entertain my 3-4 daily readers.

I believe we have too many people with their hands out and not enough self respect to be shamed about how they act.

I believe the baby boomers (which I'm the last part of) have ruined this country with their selfishness- and passed it on to their kids.

I'm a conservative, not a Republican. The Republicans walked away from me and the fact that they're now starting to act like Republicans is a good start, but won't automatically get my vote this cycle- they need to show me they learned.

I believe that drilling now WILL drop fuel prises and that nukes are more earth friendly than the other 'renewable energy' scams.

I believe that guns are tools. They're not inherently 'good' or 'bad' anymore than a shovel is.

I know my history, and that the socialist (they didn't call it that back then) experiment almost aborted this country before it was born, and the only way the Colonies prospered was to embrace the capitalist system.

I believe in God. I was raised a Lutheran, and although I'm falling down in my church attendance- I believe He will be my final judge so I try to follow my upbringing (for the most part).

I believe that I have my right to be 'offended' by rap lyrics and the actions of those on the left as much as those same people are acting offended by religion and historical beliefs(the Cross and the flag).

I love my dogs, but I know they're not furry little people and you have to act like big dog to get them to behave- it's the same with some cultures. They only respect strength and regard 'dialogue' as weakness.

After real life experience with owning foreign trucks, I believe I'll stick with domestic vehicles for the value. accessories, mileage and repairability(I can't get anyone to call back on the Mitsu tune up or timing belt).

I believe illegals will (mostly) go home if they don't have jobs or .gov assistance to stay here. I also believe that those responsible for hiring hundreds of plant workers can't claim they 'didn't know' they were hiring illegals, and should be sent to jail.

I believe that the earth has been changing ever since God separated the heavens from the earth and caused dry land to appear from the sea. (Isn't that kinda like ... evolution?) and that man has little-to-no impact.

Getting back to the beginning of this rant...I'm not sure what Liberals really think, but I believe that most have the emotional maturity of tweens, and that they'd rather argue with emotions than facts.

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