Sunday, August 10, 2008

Call me Mac Gyver

We ended up working yesterday over at the mismanaged football stadium on the east side yesterday.
The General Contractor who will remain nameless decided to do the underground work backwards- more or less. Generally you put the deepest utilities in first...sewage, drainage, water mains...footings.

This GC was afraid that the drillers would hit the utilities, so wouldn't let then get started until the piers were poured (and other utilities were being buried).
This CG was the only one I've worked for who refused to give elevations for the finished we knew how deep to put our conduit.
I haven't been there the entire time (thank Gawd) so I don't know how much we've had to repair, replace or move- but we do get paid to redo our work and just on rework the company made money. Lots of money.

Anyway, we were out there yesterday just finishing up rerunning the new conduit for the parking lot lights, and needed to bend some PVC conduit into the pole base where the paving prep crew had broken it -when we couldn't find a lighter for the torch. None of our crew smoke and we were the last ones out there.
I knew I didn't have any fire making materials in my truck, so was back filling while the others took their vehicles apart looking for a lighter or striker.

When I got done, I told the Lead man...we ARE electricians, we have plenty of spare wire lying around and we have a backhoe with a strong battery....we can get that torch lit and go home.
So we have three people, two pair of six foot wire and a 12 volt 125 amp battery for plenty of spark...ZAP, whoosh, *heat-heat*, glue and bury- and we're out of there.

I'm sure glad OSHA wasn't around.

We're still on the punishment list and will be until we get below 70% of allowable usage. We're at 89% now, and Thing-2 still insists on using her laptop that I suspect is the problem...because "I can't check my MySpace mail on the other computer."

That's because I have the cookies blocked from that spyware generator; but I'll unblock it so she doesn't have an excuse anymore.

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