Friday, August 01, 2008

On the morning TV news

We have these two notes on the important business that out Liberal Congress is looking at.

A permanent ban on cell phone conversations on airlines. Two of the things I caught were the(usual)overly loud and abusive conversations inflicted on their seatmates.
The fact that people have been taking pictures of sensitive parts of airplanes with their cell cameras. Think about that for a moment. I just woke up after a weeks worth of overtime and I realize that a cell phone can take a picture without being connected, so how is that law going to change anything? Are they going to require phones to be in carry-on baggage? Or will they be required to put them in their checked baggage (for ICE to steal)?

Also is the fact that making college more affordable is a looming priority for them.
No, they're not going to look at the huge and unwarranted increase in tuition and fees.
BUT they'll do something to make getting loans and your money grants easier to get.

Still no mention about doing anything in the way of increasing the supply of fuel in America before their month long summer break.

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