Friday, August 08, 2008

More driving tips from Kurt

Yes, it's that time again.... Been a busy week for some clueless peeps out there.
I wonder if some of them still have their car in one piece.

  • Here's a hint to the kid who has a hard time with his spatial skillz- The drivers seat is on the LEFT. That's the reason the steering wheel and pedals are on that side. When yoy try to drive from the middle, you can't control your vehicle- especially around curvs at the speed limit.
I guess that's why you were going 15MPH below the speed limit on the lower level of I-35N in the fast lane during morning rush hour.
Here's another don't look cool- from the back you look like you have MS.
AND if you have a bud leaning the opposite way from the right, it looks like you two are ready for a liplock.

  • On passing, or weaving. How about repeated lane changin?
Once or twice is ok, you keep trying to take peoples bumpers off, and you'll piss off someone with a gun pretty soon.

  • It's an accident scene, NOT a show. Drive past it and look for it on the news, all you're doing is pissing off the 3/4 mile worth of traffic behind you.

  • The sign said the lane was closed, I got into this lane almost a mile ago- I'm NOT going to let you in at the last two yards.

  • If you keep getting passed on the right and then getting cut-off when they get into the FAST lane, you might consider moving into the GRANNY lane. The mile worh of open road in front and the red faces in your mirror might give you another clue.

  • I can only go as fast as the people in front of me let me drive; lunging a foot off my bumper won't make you go any faster. It might make me decide what to do with that half quart of gear oil I have rolling around next to my toolbox, though.

  • As I told the 17yr-old. When there's a huge traffic jam on a major road, and you see the big trucks all start to work their way to one lane- THAT'S a good place to decide to be, too.
"Oh, I know that."
"Really? How did you know that?"
"They can see farther down the road."
(OH! I didn't think of that.) "How about they're talking to each other on their CBs? The oncomming lane is telling them what happened and which lane is moving."
"Ok, that makes sense, too."

  • And in conclusion, allow me to point out one thing, again.

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