Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Update on our self imposed outage

DISHinternet or more likely WildBlue caved into Google (ok, sice they're both Liberally driven- happily partenered)and changed their start page, so I can't just take a look at my usage.

Now I have to sign-in at the "Google Partener page" then I get sent to DISHmail (GoogleMAil) then I can click to go to my start page.
Since Google took over, the download chart has been updated and 'improved' so now it onlt has my percentage of use (I don't need the actual Kilobites I used) and instead of updating hourly, We gat to see changes about daily.

We must have had massive usage, or Google/DISH has changed the way they measure both downloads and uploads, since after having the modem unplugged for a day and a half- we're down to 97% downloads and went UP to 50% uploads.

I'm wondering- if anyone knows, how much data would having about five different IM's going (on the same laptop) use? Is it data intensive, or more like looking at text pages? I know Wildblue hates BitTorrent type apps....

Anyway, y'all enjoy your day.

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