Thursday, August 21, 2008


I'm still working at that clusterf*ck west of Randolph AFB.
It rained all week-end and the ground is still saurated, so I missed two days work and yesterday had to do interior work.

Today we have to straighten up all four of the 125' stadium light poles because the guy who was supposed to level them out half-@ssed it and now their standing crooked.

I guess I need to get used to ditch work in one spot for a while because I could just feel the loooorve from Selma all the way over to west San Antonio when they found out I had a blow-out and shredded all the fiberglass on the right side of the truck. $3000 worth of damage. The only thing that didn't get ruined was the furl tank. So with that and a new kid giveing the bosses b***s a tongue bath for ten hours a day, I won't be near any big trucks for a long time.

Oh well, I know I'm the highest paid laborer they have.....

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