Wednesday, December 14, 2005

We have a mix of good news and disappointing news today

First the good news. Anyone with a cell phone could be due part of a $9 Billion tax refund.

But the federal government continues to collect the tax and requires so much paperwork for refunds that only big corporations are likely to benefit.

On Friday, a court in Washington, D.C., became the third federal appeals court since May to void the tax. Two other federal appeals courts, covering seven states, have ruled the tax unlawful, and cases are pending elsewhere in the nation's 13 appeals courts. In all, nine federal courts have ruled that a 3% federal tax doesn't apply to phone calls that are priced only by how long a person talks — not by how far the call travels.
Still it could be a help on cellphone bills.

And in the dissapointing news dept:

We won't be able to watch Pamela Anderson do what her talent is designed for.

The actress moved suggestively around a dance pole in the number, which was included in preview copies sent out to critics.

After an assessment by its standards and practices department the network decided the material didn't mesh with the time slot.

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