Saturday, December 17, 2005

I guess y'all have heard by now

that the House of Representatives has passed some kind of border security legislation.
Not that it's going to go anywhere, it's got the U.S. senate to F-it up and Bush will probably break his (almost) six year streak of not vetoing ONE bill on his desk.

According to the BeeB:

Mexico has condemned a migration bill being debated by the US Congress, saying it is too focused on securing its 3,220-km (2,000-mile) border. Yeh, it's about time, don't ya think?

A spokesman for Mexican President Vicente Fox said security alone could not solve immigration problems. True, YOU could actually try to make your country something besides a third world chithole.

Ruben Aguilar added that his compatriots in the US made "an enormous contribution to the US economy". That's true- our prison system is expanding doing quite well, thanks to you and your international criminals. Our TAXPAYER funded education and healthcare system is over worked, underfunded and lowering standards regularly. Health insurance is going through the roof- partly to subsidize your non-paying illegals citizens.

The House passed a Border Security Act yesterday (H.RES.4437) , which included:
  • forces employers to verify the status of workers and raises fines against those who knowingly hire illegal aliens
  • orders the construction of a hi-tech fence along parts of the US border with Mexico and asks for a study on using barriers along the Canadian border
  • makes it a felony to live in the US illegally instead of a civil offence and toughens penalties for document fraud
  • enlists military and local law enforcement to help stop illegal entrants.
They pretty much ignored the question of anchor babies, which pretty much leaves Rep.Tancredo (R. Co.) and his statment with out legs:

"You will find people will go home and they will go home by the millions," he said. "Those who don't go home, you deport." Because who, but a rabid, evil, RETHUGLICAN would even think of separating a family because they actively broke the law.

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