Sunday, December 11, 2005

It was a semi-productive week-end

I got the new(est) truck ready to be on the road, all I need now is the insurance and the title.

The 14 yr-old had a friend over Fri-Sat and slept over at her house last night- she's crabby right now. She always is when she gets back from sleepovers, I don't know why we let her go *shrug*, I guess it's growing up girlie.

I finished putting up the electric doggie fence. Once Meg realized what I was doing she took about 5 steps backwards from me, now she won't get near the fence. I was thinking of doing it last week, but got lazy.

Anyway, Meg seems to enjoy not getting drug around by the neck- we'll be looking for a pet for Meg this week. Meg will have the final say, since she's got seniority.




Ohhh, I got tagged by Rhianna!
Sorry girl, you won't be entertained by my answers.

She wants me to list 5 weird habits.
1. I'm a blogger
2. I read blogs

otherwise I'm perfectly normal, nothing at all, , ,

OH, look- it's shiny!

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