Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Miscellaneous B.S.

I missed the test this morning, got a late start due to the Mazdas' newly discovered thirst for motor oil ( the rear main seal- it looks like). After I found a quart of 40wt. I hit every read light between here and San Antonio. By the time I got to the N.E. side of S.A. it was already 8AM, it would have taken another 60-90 min to get where I had to be. So, instead of a wasted 100= mi. round trip, I didn't even call to cancell (the confirmation mail didn't have a phone number for the test center). Well, I can't take the ATS screener test for another 185 days.

I'm still waiting on the title for the Mazda- he keeps telling me the "title's in the mail"- I'm wondering if I saw the right title when I have him the check. Guess I'll wander down to the P.D. to see who actually owns it.

Vonage is working again, it had a fit this weekend, may have been the computer- That stopped connecting this morning about 6:30AM, and may have a virus that is VERY well hidden.
The Wildblue rep was out just now, my power is on the low side. He did some resets and I can access AlGores Internet, now- again.
He thinks I might have a hidden virus, too, but he didn't want to start deleting things- I understand but it's working alot better now. It's working alot better than that last sentence, anyway.

The laptop finally lost it's charging ability Sun. It seems the pin going into the charging dohikey breaks off alot. Wifes boss's son-in-law will fix mine better than new for $45.

I just got done installing wifes Christmas present, a new ceiling fan/light with remote. I would have gone with the regular wired one, but the remote controlls the fan speed AND light settings with the 2 wire existing wireing.

So everyone is having kittens about Bush OKing the SPYING on PRIVATE PHONECALLS of suspected trerrorists, huh? I guess it doesn't matter that he went to the Senate and House intelligence committies and BOTH of them signed off on it (them?) including the DEMOCRATS who are strangly silent on defending the way Bush went through channels.
- - - And speaking of spying on americans, has anyone ever found out who hired Craig Livingstone?

I was listening to a guy on WOAI last night outraged about the illegals situation- he wanted Bush to do something. He said that if it were proved that the next attack (by moslem terrorists) came via Mexico- THEN the border would be shut. -Sorry guy, Bush has too much invested politically, and business wize to stop the illegals.

So where do I go around the Castroville/Hondo area to agitate help get Kinky on the ballot? I guess a link here would help.

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