Tuesday, December 06, 2005

OOOPs, I did it again

got involved in tweeking the computer.

I think I've got a handle on this broadband thing and the browsers, and stuff.

I e-mailed Wildblue about my Outlook problem, I got a reply- within a day!

Here's what they said:

This error code (0x800ccc0e) started about 3 years ago.
It's usually, tho not always, a conflict between your anti-virus and Outlook. The fix is to turn off the incoming and out going e'mail scan (make sure that AUTO PROTECT IS STILL ON) and that usually does the trick. if you make sure to leave auto, you're still protected. For some reason it seems to through Outlook into a redunant loop until it errors out.

If this does not solve the problem, call us and we'll get it figured out asap.

The problem is, is that I CAN'T find the right tabs or spaces to click to change the "locked-in' gray to 'changable black', so we'll see what Wildblue has to asy about that.

So far, Wildblue seems to like Explorer better than Firefox- if you look at the uncompleted site requests. Even after I changed the connection settings.

It's supposed to be cold tommorrow, so I'll be taking the new(er) truck. It has a working heater.
It also has an inspection thats 3 months out of date, a registration that's about 2 and no horn or insurance card -it's in the mail.

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