Friday, December 30, 2005

The Trainwreck Awards

Well, since everyone else is doing the year -end thing, I thought I'd toss y'all these trainwrecks of:

A life Britney Spears Trailer trash baybee.

A political ideology The HoDea chairmanship and the leftward lurch of the DNC

A world government body the U.N. if you don't know why, the back button is at the top- left.

An environmental treaty I give you the Eurowienies' Kyoto protocols

An outdated, anti-consumer energy policy is shown by the aftermath of Katrina, and what, exactly has congress done to change anything?

An "explanation" of being 'roid pos. we give you Rafael Palmeiro.

Ok, that's enough steam, screeching metal and coal dust choking the pristine environment of the southwest.
And so we conclude this outing of the "Trainees".

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