Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ok, so who's in charge up there?

Did you read about the House only extending the Homeland security bill by ONE f*cking month?
I thought the Republicans were the majority party- supposedly in charge of both the house and Senate.

Why are they letting the Democrats run all over them? I know, they wanted to go home and *koff* take their voters concern to heart *snortle*. Will someone give me a reason to vote for any party anymore? I mean the Republicans are just as feckless and spendthrift as Democrats have been seen historically. The Democrats are now so far to the left, that one slip will send them solidly into the Communist camp- instead of flirting with Socialists.

The Democrats are setting the agenda, and deciding everything that matters to the future of America. Anybody remember this last summer? Hurricanes out the @ss, broken pipelines and refineries- and WHO decided to keep everything the way it was after they pissed all over Bush?

Yeah, I'm on the oil thing- I drive 102 mi. a day.

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