Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hey, remember Joe Wilson's wife?

Yeah, the secretary spy undercover agent who worked for the CIA! That's the one! The New Yankme Times and the rest of the Leftwing media was all on the bandwagon to "Find the REAL killers" find the source of the leaked name St. Plame.

Now, lets fastforward to ohhh, say May of this year where "secret CIA flights" originated. Remember the outcry?

Nope, me neither.

How about part of the big brouhaha about extradition
? Remember the demands for the source of the leak? Probably not, because almost the only people who knew about them were getting Top Security briefings about it.

And now we have the latest breach of secrecy -again from the mouths of those in Congress the know about wiretaps on terrorist sympathizer, supporters and operatives. The white House finally decided to get off it's @ss and try to find the most likely sources of those Top Secret leaks.

Well, now that they have- my first prediction of the year will be that the Legacy Media and it's hangers-on will be wailing about the WITCH HUNT about to take place.

My guess is that Rove did it.

DonJr just reminded me of the "secret" cookies dropped onto your browser by the NSA site. Personally I feel less vulnerable from an NAS cookie than I do knowing GOOGLE is getting the ability to track almost every keystroke I make on my computer.

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