Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I guess The PJ mafia is taking over

The 17 yr-old and I were trying to find that "Conservative Teeshirt" ad on some of the blogs I read daily.

It turns out that we now can't find them. All we see is PJM. and they aint where anythings at.
I got the idea thru to her that I wanted one of those split US/UK flag tees (iron-ons)- exept that the convergance would be diagonal.

The only blog I didn't check was Steve. After looking at his site, I guess it was just time for everyone to change ads.

I'd show you what we came up with, but wife does look here once in a while, so if you're interested you need to come back around Christmas.

Peace- out.
(I don't KNOW where that big "S" came from up there)

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