Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Anybody hear about the postal rates going up - again?

Seems as though we just can't get enough excuses to take our money.
Usually when the Postal Service raises rates, it's because they're bleeding money.

This postal increase is different. See, now the USPS is in the black, but they need our extra money for an escrow account. $3 BILLION as a matter of fact.

So, They got by without any problems when they were billions in dept, and Congress didn't give a chit. Now that they have money, they have to raise rates to buy into an escrow account? The article didn't say what it was for, though. But what polititian wants you to have your own money when they can put it in their own slush fund.

Strasser said the agency's plan for 2006 was for a $1.3 billion surplus, but a requirement that it place $3 billion in escrow is forcing it to raise postal rates on Jan. 8 to cover the added expense. The price of a first-class stamp will go from 37 cents to 39 cents and other rates will rise accordingly.

And since January's increase is needed solely to cover the escrow requirement the agency is expected to announce another increase next year to take effect in 2007, to cover rising costs.

Don't ya just love politics?

(Update Dec 08 -6:09PM)
Something was kinda bugging me about this additional raise in 2007.
If the USPS has to rais the price two cents to make $1.7 Billion, for this years escrow, won't they have an EXTRA $1.7 BILLION in 2007 to pay for the "rising costs"?
I'm kinda stupid that way. I expect a continuing raise to keep paying the increase- even AFTER the original cost was covered.

Now I know why I'm not in Govt' budgetary prosseses.

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