Sunday, December 18, 2005

THIS is why I firmly believe in the K.I.S.S. principle

And I don't mean the hair band.

It crashed yesterday. It's a VoIP via Bluewave satellite broadband.
I guess it wouldn't have been so bad, but I live in a dead cell area for T-mobile.
(It wouldn't be dead if T-mobile had any phones with an antenna- or used a SIM card)
I have to drive 1/4 mile to get Cell reception, so naturally I can't troubleshoot with the Indian Tech.

I rebooted.
I restored.
I unplugged.
I plugged back in.
I stuck a paperclip in the reset hole.
I got it to stop sounding like I dialed a wrong number when I picked up the handset,
now it only sounds like a fast busy signal.

OK, Wife is going to check with her geek co-workers tomorrow, AND see about fixing the pin that goes into the battery charger of the Pressario laptop. It finally broke today.

Gawd, I love it when I get hit by an avalanche of chit.
It's going to cost about $35 to cancel Vonage, plus the shipping of the Phone modem I didn't hook-up. (yes- I DID try it with the phone, didn't get anything).
In order to get a phone here, we'll need Verizon, or Cingular.
I'm not going near ANYONE who aligns themselves with SBC ATT, because I personally know how badly they suck.

Every time I turn around, cr@p is costing me money.
With nothing to show for it.

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