Sunday, December 11, 2005

I'm in a little bit of hot water here

See, I'm kinda anal when it comes to doing things- I want then finished.
Everyone else here has the opinion that "it was started- that's good enuff".
I get on the 17 yr-old about not finishing jack-chit, or doing something with the least amount of effort absolutely necessary to do a barely acceptable job. Mom comes back with the idea that "she started, that's what counts" (they ARE products of England).

We were discussing the discrepancy in presents cost between the two girls. I told her to write a check for the difference, just don't finish the second half- make everyone happy.

1- She got a big check.

2- You "started" writing the check- THAT'S the important thing! It doesn't matter if it got finished.

3- It won't be coming out of my bank.

That didn't go over too well- we're going to have a 'discussion' about it later.

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