Sunday, December 02, 2007


It's going on all over.

Tonight, I'm getting a very dark version of the originally light-hearted 'Wizard of OZ'.
This one is called "The Tin Man", and is nothing like L. Frank Baum wrote about.

The yellow brick road is overgrown and the characters have only a nodding acquaintance to the original version.

I bet "The dark side of the moon" album wouldn't even come close to being synced on this one.

ALSO, on the auto maintenance front:
If you accidental go to change the oil in a 2004 Miztu Montero Sport and end up a foot back from where you usually unplug the oil drain plug- you'll be draining the transmission.
Yes, the auto transmission has a drain plug.
The oil pan looks just like it, but is a foot forward.

If you DO end up draining the tranny- on a Sunday, when the closest auto parts store is a good 30 min away- you need to look for Castrol foreign ATF fluid that matches SP III specs. At $5 each.
It needed changing anyway, I just didn't want to do it until I was ready.

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