Thursday, December 20, 2007

But I thoughtn ALL the Gitmo inmates wre innocent goatherds

...who were rounded up just so the CIA could practice their waterboarding techniques.

But it appears the France, that bulwark of righteousness and moral uprightness has other ideas on former Gitmo guests.

And, no. I can't sleep, I have the Gulag of the Comal on my mind.
Another unpaid 3 hours OT and more to come. At least now we have all the pole bases poured and almost all the new conduit connected to the existing.
We still have to finish the worst of the lot (right next to the river- under the water table), and then pull wire and try to figure how we'll set 29- 15' light standards where we can't get a boom truck (and a backhoe has trouble).
I'm thinking some kind of A-frame.

I want to get out of their, the supervisor wants to get out, the owner is taking a bath on this job because the guy that estimated it spent a whole 5 minutes throwing together a bid.
And we're working on a 25- 30 degree slope,,,if it's not next to the river and the clayey mud there.

Gawd, I will never voluntarily EVER visit New Braunfels again.
Except for the fact that I'm driving, I'd close my eyes every time I went I-35N through the town.

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