Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A question for the Gore-acle Himself

Hiya Albert!
I was just reading Eric's' take on your latest version of the "we're all gonna fry!" speech.

After all your self righteous hyperbole. Would you please tell us just exactly *how* or *why* this particular 'Global warming Climate change event' is any worse for the earth, (and the human race) than any of the uncounted (that's before people could keep reliable records) history of global warming cycles?
Is it because there could be disruptions to the way animals live? Isn't that the religion of Evolution that you libs pay homage to?

But *WHY* -aside from the fact that you and your chicken hearted enviro-Crusaders are alive now- is ANYTHING different from the other hundreds of warming cycles that have reshaped the earth and it's (sorry---Her) inhabitants?

Also, given the way your Dems and eco-wienies have destroyed our petroleum self sufficiency- and jacked the price of home heating up so it *really* hurts the poor; why would it be so bad to have warmer winters?

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