Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I don't know if this kerfluffle is local

But here in San Antonio, Time-Warner is exchanging temper tantrums having business differences with the NFL over T-W not carrying their NFL network.

The NFL network has now somehow gotten the Texas Legislature to look at somehow mandating Time -Warner to offer their (moneymaking) network to all subscribers.

It's none of my business, really ( I have DirectTV) but I'm getting tired of MAJOR corporations acting like spoiled kids trying to get the public involved in helping Jerry Jones make even MORE money off his team of drug dealers and assorted other criminals.

I understand the NFL wanting T-W to supply their game network on a non-premium tier, but WHY should everyone be forced to pay higher fees to make the NFL even richer?
Every cable company I've used has had fee increases because they're now bringing me even 'more' sports channels (and removing the ones I watch) that I don't watch.
I also don't have *ANY* inclination to watch the Mexican channels, so that leaves me maybe 20 channels to watch out of an advertised 500+.

NFL network,,,,stop wasting my tax dollars!

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