Saturday, December 29, 2007

About that tiger that escaped in San Fran

I'm still not sure what happened. I'm still hearing two different versions.
Big Dog has an interesting take on it regarding either Libs and their need to have dialogue, and conservatives and their approach to the same problem.

Moonbat 1: Here it is, another Holiday Season, and Chimpy McBush still has troops in Iraq in his illegal war. There was no threat to us and he used his doctrine of preemptive strike to upset the entire Muslim world. We cannot bring democracy to a region that does not want it.

Moonbat 2: If only we would have tried diplomacy and talked to Hussein we could have seen that he was no threat and we would not be in this war that costs billions of dollars and instead used that money for AIDS research and on paying for services for illegal immigrants.

Moonbat 3: Look, a tiger. Now most neocons would see this tiger as a threat. But if we are nice to it then it will not hurt us. Here kitty kitty. Listen to him purr, Ahhhhhhh my arm!

Moonbat 1: Oh God, the tiger is eating Stefan. (sounds of screaming and tiger chewing).

Moonbat 2: Call the police. We need a gun, who has a gun? Oh man, Ahhh.

Police show up and kill the tiger. One moonbat dead and two injured.

If this had happened in Texas the conversation would have been:

Texan 1: Look at that damned tiger. Where'd he come from?

Texan 2: I don't know but call the cops. I'll shoot the damned thing if it gets close.

Texan 3: Here he comes. (blam, blam, blam, blam, blam, blam [reloading sounds] blam, blam, blam).

Texan 1: He's dead. Thank God we shot him before he attacked anyone. Who wants the head for his den wall?

Texan 2: Good thing we are allowed to carry guns. I would hate to see what would have happened if this had been San Francisco.

The lesson: Sometimes preemptive strikes are good and people are only safe if they are armed.

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