Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The internet and your homework

I wonder how old the kid looking for this was?
I guess we should be glad that he didn't go to the Texas Green Party for any kind of U.S. Civics.
Cynthia also wants to run in all 51 states and the District of Columbia, so her Houston event will also raise funds for GPTX ballot access, in the very difficult state of Texas.

And I see I'm astill getting hits from Big Dick places (one complete and inactive and the other incomplete and inactive). If he wants some video content that I found the other day, he could send me an email off my contact page. I'm sure he'd find it worthwile in a female empowering way.

Oh, and working at Heiman park in New braunfels still sucks. There isn't a place I've dug where I haven't broken a (abandoned) water line, irrigation line, or the condiut We're lookin for in relacing old light posts. AND we have to haul everything back to the shop daily, or it'll be tagged, solen or vandalized.

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