Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nose art

I'm watching reruns of the Memphis Bell.
And in the opening half hour they show the take-off roll of the bomber wing.
So I thought I'd give you some anti-PC eye candy.

In looking, I ran across this site, which should tweak some sensibilities:

Although some examples of non regulation art can be found on the military aircraft of other English-speaking countries, the phenomenon is predominantly American, perhaps due to the streak of rebellious individualism attributed to American culture. Nose art is important as an historical and societal indicator over time, an example of folk art or popular expression, and a record of the past.

The characteristics of World War II aircraft art and the fact that it flourished during that time are indicators of that era. The art reflects the attitude of the people involved in the war--both at home and on the front, and, in the case of World War II, the attitude was positive (Davis v. 3, p. 3). The images--often patriotic and sometimes propagandistic--clearly reflected the spirit of the times, the all-out American effort to fight the good war. The combat crews were backed by a unified, supportive public. This was a war with a clear objective, and one in which the whole country challenged a known evil. At first look, the art that was a product of the war seems to be nothing more than silly names and irreverent images. But taken as a whole, the images indefinably suggest an underlying determination of the country to right a wrong.-My bolding

OK, so did I p*ss off enough Brits and 'patriotic' Libs?

Anyway, on to the un-PC patriotism of the Airedales...

She is part of the C.A.F. San Marcos Squadron a B-25

And look at their life in Europe:

I was looking for a specific plane, 'The magnificent Obsession' because a friend of mine from Port Aransas (and San Antonio) Col. Art Rupert (Ret.) flew with her during the war.
I DID find another piece of nose art that another friend flew as a 'Volunteer' in China, though...

With a tip of a rat-killing .45 to frank.

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