Saturday, December 22, 2007

More nose art

I got some good responses from my other post about nose art, so I thought I'd make it a weekend feature.
Here's the B-24 Miss Please who was shot down over Yugoslavia on October 14, 1944.

Joltin' Josie a B-29 in 1944, and her creator who charged a 5th of whiskey for her.

I'm looking at Josies gun barrels on the top turret.
It just occurred to me that the plane has to be going at least 350MPH, right?
Why would they need to keep those barrel cooling fins on the turret guns?
Even a .50 or 20MM should be air cooled without the aerodynamic drag produced by all those holes in the cooling shroud- right?
_or am I missing some obvious thing that anyone alive in the war years would know?

I can understand the b-17's and B-24's having off the shelf .50's, but the B-29 was supposed to be *THE* hottest bomber around, ya know?

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