Saturday, December 01, 2007

Just thought y'all oughtta know

Today is world AIDS day.
Where we celebrate the lifestyle choices of a politically protected group of people: and instead of mentioning how drug use and indiscriminate sex are their decision, we spend Billions of Dollars, Yen, Euros and any other currency you can think of to find 'a cure'.

I guess we'll never see an International Lung Cancer Day, or a National Emphysema Day celebrating the choice smokers make.

What about National Liver Cirrhosis's Day celebration over indulging on adult beverages?

National Hepatitis Day would stand a better chance, given the prevalence of tacky tats on anyone that wants top be a bad@ss- and since most illegals are gang members (or enablers) they're right in the PC adoration circle anyway- right?

I can understand the idea back in the '80s when we first heard of the disease, but today no one in any developed country DOES NOT understand just how AIDS is spread.
Why should we celebrate it?

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