Thursday, December 13, 2007


I got to clicking links and ended up at 'The Anchoress' where she was talking about take-out coffee.
She'd rather have take-out than home brewed.

I *HATE* the taste of industrial coffee, it always tastes bad- too burnt, bitter, old, or (Insert your dislike here). I usually drink it black -like my men- , but even adding the flavor maskers doesn't work, just tastes nasty.
If I have to drink that nasty cr@p, at least they have a couple pieces of ice to cool it down (and dilute it a little)

But my dear Erica, making Ice Coffee intensifies the dog c@rp factor by over 100%- I don't know who convinced you that it could possibly be near as good as Iced Tea, but NYC is as Liberal as Seattle, so maybe it was osmosis.
The sweet kind.

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