Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Quick question for you Army/A.F. guys

I was over here, and he mentioned "Retreat" sounding.

Is that like evening "Colors" in the Navy where the flag comes down?
Why would anyone who's been in more than 3 months go outside when they KNOW they'll get ...caught..... in the 'respect'thang.

I know it's only like 45 seconds, but, but still it gets real old real fast.

Same thing at 8 AM when the flag goes up. I was usually on something loud, so we couldn't hear that.

As a side note- letting you know just HOW the people of Rhode Island appreciate the military:
I overheard two people talking at a grorcery store on Portsmouth, R.I.

1st guy: I live in Newport and my neighbors are really patritotic.
2nd guy: Oh, really? Why?
1st guy: Every day at 8Am amd sundown they play "The star spangled Banner."
2nd guy: You idiot, that's the Navy base.

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