Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm just bursting with questions today

  • If the NorKs are still threatening to test their nukes, WHY are their fcilities still standing?
  • This article reminds me to ask, if we can -NOT- give Federal fundsa to cllleges who refuse access to Military recruiters, why can we -NOT- give funding to "sanctuary cities"?
  • If a dog is licking out a plate, and can't see where the stuck-on food is, how can they go directly to that spot for more attention?
  • Why is Paris Hilton so popular? Is it anything besides being famous for being rich and famous?
  • Why do sane people still live in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Californistan?
  • If the Paleostinians have been fighting amongst themselves for like 4 days and there are only 25 killed or injured, why don't we airdrop some instructions on how to actually AIM a rifle?
  • Condi, why do we want to waste anymore taxpayers money on the Paleostinians? oh, that's right it's only TAXPAYERS money.
  • If 9 out of 10 workers have the same SSI number, wouldn't you suspect that something was wrong there and not hire them? I wouldn't, but then again I didn't graduate from a business college, either.
More as I think of them,,,,,,,

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